About NYLT


One Session

June 14-20, 2020 – Sunday Morning Start; Saturday Noon End

After multiple years of multiple sessions, the NYLT staff made the decision to offer only one session for 2019. We made this decision with regrets. It is recognized that not everyone is free during the chosen week. However, we weighed that against the facts that we have previously run the single session model and we are facing declining adult involvement. If any adults are interested in volunteering on staff, please e-mail us.

Why go to NYLT

Have you ever wondered how some of the senior youth in your unit seem so well trained? How would you like to know their secrets?


At NYLT, you will learn leadership skills from some of the most capable youth in the state. In NYLT, you'll form a patrol with 5 other youth and learn lessons together that can make you a better leader. 

What is NYLT?

NYLT is the number one training course for personal development. The course is youth led and stimulates one month in the life of youth-led scouting. You will develop valuable skills for activity planning and communicating with others. You and your team will learn and complete activities working towards your vision of success. The course culminates with a Quest for the Meaning of Leadership, a chance for you to present your newfound skills to your newfound friends.

What you get from NYLT

You will come away from NYLT with a leadership toolset and the training and confidence to assume a leadership role in your home unit. The skills learned will help you see the bigger picture of how to put the needs of others first in order to be a truly great leader and underpinning all, you will have an understanding of how the remain true to scouting values by using the Scout Oath and Law as a guide when making leadership decisions.

What Happens After NYLT?

Just because you complete the course doesn’t mean you’re finished in your Quest for Leadership. Working with your home unit scoutmaster or advisor, you will develop goals and plans to achieve three leadership challenges that will help you practice and hone your leadership skills. Once complete, come back to the course reunion later in the year where you will be recognized for your achievement.


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